To Advertisers on Google: Upgrade to New Search Ads 360 by 2024

Google has recently announced the latest improvements to Search Ads 360 and has encouraged advertisers to transfer to the new platform before April 2024. 

The latest improvements to Search Ads 360 offer a more efficient and user-friendly experience, with cross-channel campaign support and features that cater to the needs of advertisers. 

Google encourages advertisers to upgrade soon!

 The new SA360 experience will become available to advertisers ahead of the planned April 2024 shutdown of the previous version. 


What is Search Ads 360?

Search Ads 360 is a part of the Google Marketing platform, designed for businesses to manage cross-channel search campaigns for ad campaign creation, deployment, and optimization. 


What are its features?

The new platform offers better support for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo and Baidu. 

With new SA360 offers text, image, display, video, and app promotion formats. 

With the integration of the new SA360, you will get control of spending, location targeting and campaign optimization in Bing Ads. 


You will get more additional features like Templates, Performance Center, and enhanced reporting capabilities. 


  • Templates, an automated campaign builder for dynamic ad campaigns, will help you to frequently change inventory and seasonal promotions.
  • The Performance Center in Search Ads 360 can help you in streamline planning, budgeting, and reporting.
  • Reporting and attribution improvements will come with a seamless transition along with updated historical data, intuitive workflows, and a flexible Reporting API for custom reports.


Leverage the new version of SA360.

With the new SA360, you’ll be able to check the Experience Hub or monitor in-product notifications to see when they are eligible for a better experience.

As per Google's recommendation, you should upgrade before the shutdown of the previous version by April 2024.

It should allow you to have a more transparent and easier-to-manage cross-channel ad campaign and improve performance and efficiency.


According to Google, the new Search Ads 360 platform is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of enterprise advertisers.


With a fresh user interface, the platform will help in enhancing your business workflows by offering new ways for you to centralize and scale your daily tasks and key activities.


Hope this read will give you complete clarity and enough reasons to upgrade to the new version of SA360. Get the advanced features of the New SA360 and ace your performance. 





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