5 Tips to enhance your Performance

Google has indeed invested significant effort in developing and improving Performance Max (Pmax) campaigns since its launch in 2021.

The smart algorithm and user interface (UI) enhancements aim to help businesses to achieve better results by leveraging Google's machine-learning capabilities.

5 Must-Have Tips

In this blog, we’re sharing tips that will help you achieve immediate results at the account level and get you more conversions or reduce your CPA. 

These are some helpful tips for managing Performance Max (Pmax) campaigns:

Exclude Your Own Brand Terms: If you already have a campaign targeting your own brand or if you don't want to spend additional budget on your brand terms, contact your Google representative to exclude your brand keywords from the Pmax campaign.


Exclude Website Expansion: If you notice irrelevant searches or traffic leading to irrelevant pages in your Pmax campaign, it might be due to Final URL Expansion. Limit the Final URL Expansion option in the campaign settings to have more control over landing pages and avoid unnecessary spending.


Use Video Assets: Provide Google with a variety of assets, including videos, to diversify your ads, audience, and channels. Google can automatically create GIFs and short videos using your text and images. Video assets can lead to increased impressions and decreased cost per thousand impressions (CPM).


Use Product Feed: If you have an e-commerce business with a Google Merchant Center account linked to your Google Ads account, utilize a dynamic product feed. It helps target remarketing audiences with the same products they have shown interest in. Implement the product feed in the campaign settings by entering the feed URL.


Use Ad Groups to A/B Test Landing Pages: If you need to target multiple landing pages, create separate ad groups for each landing page within the same campaign. This consolidation helps optimize your daily budget and monitor overall performance while allowing you to edit and optimize asset groups effectively.


Bonus Tips:

PMax for Lead Generation: Target remarketing audiences initially to give your campaign a boost.

PMax Target Bidding: Consider starting with Max conversion bidding instead of targeting a return on ad spend (ROAS) in some cases to allow the algorithm more room for experimentation and learning.

These tips are based on testing and experience, but it's important to note that the effectiveness of each tip may vary depending on your specific business and campaign objectives.



While these tips will strengthen and promise in driving immediate results, it's important to consider their relevance to your specific business and goals. Continuous testing, monitoring, and optimization will remain crucial for maximizing the benefits of your Pmax-based campaigns.

As Google continues to refine Pmax campaigns and provide more insights and control, advertisers can leverage these campaigns to reach their target audience, improve performance metrics, and allocate their resources more efficiently.





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