Do you know you can get more Sales with using Incentives: PPC Ads

It’s a Universal fact that for surviving you need cost. 

And, when everything is so costly, getting sales in return is the real struggle for any business. 

When selling any good or service, two of the most significant hindrances you can come around online are the price-conscious customer and their experience on the website. 

If reducing the price is not your one of the long-term plans and you don’t want to revamp your UX then turning to incentivization in your PPC campaign will be highly recommended for you. 

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Please note: This approach is not valid for Google Shopping. It also may be restricted to certain categories (i.e., financial services, healthcare, etc.).

The step you can take by segregating your previous and present customers into an active audience list and identifying their Lifetime Value. 

While doing this, you’ll understand how much discount you can give depending on how repetitively the customer bought from you. If you know the average consumer buys five times a year from you, you can grant a loyalty discount of say X% to them.

This will boost your more sales and make your bond with the consumer stronger.

Calculate in advance how much revenue you are going to make from the final revenue, that will give you a clear idea of how much discount to give the buyer to avoid any loss from such an approach. 

Going broke on the incentive will be the only option for you to boost your sales if you’re not winning over the price and as stated before you’re not willing to modify the user experience. 

Also, by incentivizing we don’t mean that you only stick with providing discounts, you can also give deals, vouchers, free gifts along with every purchase. 


How can I get Sales with Incentifying?

Once you’ve segregated your customers and defined their LTV and figured out how much and what kind of incentive you will provide to your customers, next comes the analytics.

Yes, you read it right. The objective of incentivizing was to get you Sales therefore tracking your ads performance and how much you gained throughout will give you a clarity of whether you got success with this approach or not. 

The goal is to encourage them to make a purchase from you before bombarding them with emails or further marketing efforts.

To strengthen the impact of these incentives, consider applying promotion extensions, site links, and other incentive deals at the specific campaign level. This approach will help you to reinforce the message of the ad and increases the chances of conversions.


Giving incentives to your customers will help you remain in the game with having a competitive edge without impacting your price or making any changes to the User Interface.

It’s a clean method that’ll give you a better understanding of budget allocation as per the performance of a particular ad. 

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