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Amazon sells more than 4000 items per minute - grab your catch

Amazon has become the largest marketplace for online shopping. Take this as an opportunity to grow beyond and enhance over the shopping experience. Use Amazon Ads to make more Sales and grow beyond the horizons. Our expertise in Marketing for Amazon will help you to catch potential customers when they are actively looking for products and services like yours. We can help your products to be found, compete and shopped more. 

How can We help You?

We have learned that superior management of the customer journey is an integral part of any business. We have also learned to provide skilled SEM strategies that are completely audience-centric based on the keywords and sources, landing page content, effective calls-to-action, and where they exist in the customer journey. This ensures that you get the maximum results when using the Amazon platform to sell.

Get a simple yet strategic plan:

  • Goal define
  • Setting the plan
  • Construct
  • Launch 
  • Daily optimize
  • Audit 
  • Learn
  • Apply & repeat

How We Do It?

Our goal is to assist you in attracting the appropriate audience in the Amazon market. We initiate the process by analyzing keywords that align with search trends, evaluating the associated costs, and determining whether they make sense for your target audience. 

  • Complete Set Up - Our Amazon team will aid you in establishing and administering your complete advertising account on Amazon. 
  • Insightful Reports - We will extract regular insights from reports to ensure that you remain on track and are supported by our recommendations.
  • Product Intelligence – We optimize according to pricing, promotions compared to customer searches, and competing products to optimize your performance.
  • 360 Support - We will provide 360-degree support to help you compete in market intelligence through ongoing keyword search and forecasting, as well as planning. 
  • Manage & Optimize - We continuously optimize until we meet and surpass the objectives, ensuring that you scale beyond industry standards while complying with promotion guidelines.

Services that will lead to Purchase

Advertise : Select the most suitable and customer-oriented strategies to create a specialized area for your brand in the Amazon marketplace.

Compete : We use inventive tactics to ensure that your brand is among the top choices for shoppers, with the goal of generating the highest possible sales. Additionally, you'll receive an initial assessment of your brand and products to determine how they fit into consumers' perceptions in the Amazon market.

Manage : To save you time and achieve the best possible outcomes, we'll handle your campaign management, sponsored product placement, bid optimization, keyword research, reporting, A/B testing of ad creatives, advertising strategy planning, and other related tasks.

Time to fly

Selling on Amazon can potentially double your sales, but it's a challenging market due to intense competition. Our strategy involves improving and monitoring your product listings and visibility to stay ahead of competitors, as well as regularly checking and optimizing your Amazon listings to maximize profits for your business.

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