Optimize Your SEM campaigns with Smart Bidding

Have you heard of Smart Bidding? If not let’s understand it because it’s the real hype and equally important for you to enhance over your Search campaigns. 

What is Smart Bidding?

Smart Bidding helps you reach your conversion and conversion value goals using the real-time signals and it’s all automatically done using the Google's algorithm. 

Where should I put my money? And how much to bid is the most concerning question for you, we know it. And Smart Bidding is the best solution for all your such questions. 

Please know that as the time is changing around the circle the tech parameters are also changing bringing a lot of changes and emphasizing on automation. 

Therefore, Google is also changing its bid strategies to save you time and make your work easier. 

And, with Smart Bidding, you can organize your Search based campaigns focusing on these two goals- 

  • Conversion
  • Conversion value

You will be amazed to know that you will still be able to use Target CPA and Target ROAS as bid strategies. It's just that it will be bundled with the Maximize conversions and Maximize conversion value as bid strategies, respectively. 

And what it will mean to you?

  • Get maximum conversion with optional target CPA
  • You will have an optional target ROAS as maximized conversion value

In the coming months, you will see the optional fields stated above for creating new bid strategies. Moreover, this will not impact on your bidding behavior due to this update. 

Using the optional target such as CPA and target ROAS you will be able to optimize your performance just like Target CPA and Target ROAS bid strategies. 

   Where will I find these new optional targets?

If you create or already created any new Search campaigns over the last few months, you will already find the optional target fields for the new Maximize conversions or Maximize conversion value bid strategies. 

However, if you have been using Target CPA or Target ROAS in Search campaigns over the last year, will still be named Target CPA or Target ROAS. But from July, your existing targeting options i.e., CPA and ROAS strategies will be switched to the new fields automatically. 

And, if you are using a portfolio strategy for your Search campaigns then it will not be impacted by this new modification. 

Maximize Your Conversions

With optional targets at your ease, Smart Bidding will help you to optimize your goals the same way it would help you enhance Target CPA and Target ROAS. Maximizing conversions with a set of Target CPA will help you target CPA strategy like it does today, Maximizing conversion value with Target ROAS will also behave the same as the Target ROAS strategy. 

How will the new bidding strategies work?

When you select Maximize conversions or Maximize conversion value bid strategies, you will be able to choose target CPA and target ROAS instead of creating multiple strategies for Search campaigns. 

What will it mean to you?

Using target CPA for Maximized conversions. Google ads will automatically set bids for you to get maximum conversions at the target cost-per-action (CPA) set. 

Interestingly, you might get a good number of conversions spending less than your target. 

Using target ROAS for Maximized conversion. Google ads will automatically set bids to help you get as much conversion value as possible for achieving good ROAS as you targeted. 



Smart Bidding can amplify your Search ads irrespective of where your brand stands in today's date. It will help you get the maximum in return for your spending.

And making the best use of this feature by setting the right target options will help you get clarity over your campaign's performance and will help you gain good insights in return. 







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