How to Track Offline Conversions: Explained

Are you ready to track your offline conversions for a more comprehensive look at your marketing campaign results?

How can I make sure that my online marketing is contributing to in-person sales?

Measuring online marketing campaign performance can be straightforward - especially with the advancement of Google Analytics 4 and other advanced tracking tools. 

A very common question most of the businesses ask is, what happens when a customer follows an online lead but doesn't complete the transaction until they're offline. 

It’s no more hidden that in traditional days it was so difficult to track the effective sales data. 

What is Offline Conversion tracking & how does it help?

Offline conversion tracking allows you to thoroughly monitor how consumers are moving across the sales funnel, giving you the ability to adjust and improve your customer experience. 

The most common offline conversion is phone calls, so dig dip to know ways to get information from your calls. 

Phone calls are often the primary source of business, especially in the service industry, therefore it is crucial to know where the leads come from. 

The more you understand your leads, the better you can make your future marketing campaigns. 

Get Lead Generation Insights by Tracking Phone Calls

With advanced call tracking you can gain Google Analytics 4 call insights like:

Was the call answered or not? or was the lead tagged as interested in a particular product or service line? or was the call answered or not?

You can further:

Get detailed call insights: AI-powered call analytics transcribes and records the conversations that your customer is having, and it automatically classifies and qualifies callers. 

Fine-tune your ads: Link each caller to the piece of marketing that drove them to your client's business, helping to identify top-performing strategies. 

Track inbound calls: Analyze client's phone calls not only just those that come from ad clicks. 

Though phone inquiries usually represent high-intent prospects, it can be difficult to identify the marketing channel that drove particular lead to call your business - that's where Google Analytics 4 comes up. 

What is Google Analytics 4? 

Google Analytics a.k.a (GA4) is the newest version of Universal Analytics, hence it helps to track the traffic of Google's website and engagement tracker.

It can help you understand how many people are visiting your website, what pages they are reading and what information can make them your customer. 

GA4 will allow you to seamlessly measure your customer's journey across multiple platforms - this includes phone calls and offline conversions. 

Can GA4 track calls by Default?

No, Google can't track and analyze calls. 

GA4 only tracks the following conversion events:

  •  purchase (web and app)
  • first_open (app only)
  • in_app_purchase (app only)
  • app_store_subscription_convert (app only)
  • app_store_subscription_renew (app only)

Step - By - Step Guide to Creating Call Tracking Conversion Events in Google Analytics 4: 

To manually mark an event as a conversion in GA4, you can configure the event in two ways:

  • Track an existing as a conversion.
  • Create a new conversion event from the event name.

How do I track an existing event as a conversion:

  • In the left navigation, click Admin > Events.
  • Locate the event in the Existing events table. 
  • In the events "Mark as conversion column, click to turn the switch on.
  • How can I create a conversion from the event name:
  • 1. In the left navigation, select Admin>Conversions
  • 2. Click on New Conversion Event
  • 3. Enter the name of the new event. Be sure to use the exact event name with proper capitalization. 
  • 4. Click save


Supercharge your marketing data.

With Google Analytics you don't have to guess which tactics are working and to what extent. 

With call tracking software, you can know for sure. 

Once you start incorporating offline conversion tracking into your strategy, it'll improve your agent - client relationship, as you keep proving campaign value through data collection. 

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