Fix your Disapproved Ads now!

If you are running Ads on Google, then you must have come across terms like "disapproved" which means that your ads are violating the Google Ads policies and won't show up whenever your targeted audience is searching. But that doesn't mean Your ads can't serve again, you can always fix the disapproved ads and run them successfully. 

Why do ads get disapproved?

The chances of getting disapproved ads are because they don't comply with the Authorized Buyers policies for advertising on the Google network. 

How does that work?

Let’s put it in simple words, Google verifies any creatives or ads after you upload in Authorized Buyers (a marketplace) as a direct seller or a second party whose selling on your behalf of you. In order to make sure that you selling your products on good terms, Google abide by certain policies that you should comply with. 

But disapprovals mostly come from an automated review process, so even if you are following the Google's policies but getting disapprovals is mistakenly incorrect. 

Causes because...

Google gets fanatical when it comes to quality user experience. Therefore, you have to abide by certain rules for a better customer experience that apply to all ads. 


  • Headlines should not be all in caps lock
  • Exclamation points are to be used per ad only "once" and only in the description. 
  • Trademarks to be used will need special permission for the ad account
  • Advertising any dangerous or malicious product/service is a BIG NO because Google is very particular about maintaining its ethics
  • Lastly, no redirects


Additional point: 

Audit Your Landing Pages. We have seen Major disapprovals are because of broken links or the destined pages are not found. We suggest you audit your landing pages biweekly or monthly to ensure everything is working fine and is aligned with your ads, remember the success of your ads completely depends on the user experience. 

How can I fix the Disapproved Ads?

Although the disapprovals might disappoint you, they can also be fixed easily. There are two ways you can get it fixed. 

  • Check the reasons for disapproval. And, make edits to the ad, don't forget to review it twice.
  • Submit an appeal to either dispute the issue or affirm that you have made changes and are following with respect to Google Policies. 

Some healthy tips, in case you are editing the ad:

  • Change the path
  • Add asset to the Responsive Search/Display ad.
  • Change the Final URL (you can keep the original URL)
  • Make some changes to the headline or description

Please note that you should only consider changing the ads from scratch if the ad has been flagged. 

What if the disapproves are still not fixed

You have gone through the manual appeal or review process, but if your ads are showing as disapproved then it's time for you to chat with a Google Representative.

Google Reps can be reached by Chat, Phone or Email. It’s better that you prefer Chat over Call for you to keep track of your conversation for further reference.

If you opt for a call, they can revert you anytime. 

Also, make sure you have tried appealing/editing the ad and tell them that you have manually tried to fix the disapprovals before contacting them. 

They often fail to know the ins and outs of your ads account, so you make sure to give them a brief about your campaigns/ad groups/also the kind of ads you are running. 

The kind of context you can provide:

  • When the campaigns were live
  • What kind of industry are you into
  • Third-party verification of your services

Once you wrap your conversation with the Google rep, you will receive a Case number. It’s a must for you to save it, so in case you get disapprovals again, you can cite the specific instructions you were given initially and that you followed the advice from Google reps. 



It’s okay to get disapproval of your ads. You should not worry about it but should consistently keep a check, so you don't miss any disapprovals and get them appealed so it gets fixed and help you to successfully run your ads. 

Checking for disapproval is like taking supplements. So, keep your ads healthy for them to create a better experience for you.



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