Boost your Mother's Day SEM Campaigns

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And we can’t wait to make her feel special because she means so much to every one of us – Our mom! 

So, why not make it the best to promote your products?

 The countdown for the celebrations has already begun, as the world will be celebrating it on the 14th of May. 

As a smart brand, you can’t wait to make the best use of this time and ramp up your marketing plans.

Don’t worry in case you haven’t. We have got you covered.

According to Bing Advertising, 87% of Americans celebrate Mother’s Day! Which will bring you a major sales after Holiday Season.

Here are some last-minute tips for you to optimize and make maximum Sales. 

  1. Make the use of Bing Ads.

We hope that you’ve not put all the eggs in the Google Ads basket.

Bing is becoming the next relevant especially after BARD collects all the limelight. 

Some Stats to make our claim stronger. 

  • Bing searches have 23% more Buying Power Index than the average internet users. 
  • The searchers on Bing have 34% higher household incomes around the $100k+ range. 

We are pretty sure that this data is enough to draw an inference on how important Bing Advertising for is your from the SEM perspective. 


2.“Time” is a major part.

Since 14th May is around the corner and will approach soon, the good news for you is that the PEAK for Mother’s Day search traffic is RIGHT NOW. 

So, you are not yet late for the game. 

Amplify bids across the Search campaigns and Shopping campaigns too by targeting Mother’s Day Keywords which will be relative to the products or services you deal with. 


3. Target the right audience. 

As per the stats, 87% of only Americans will celebrate this Mother’s Day, leading to a wide spectrum of age groups and audience segments to decide on including both men and women. 

What will it mean to you?

Understand the trend. 

Don’t just simply target. 

Only a logical reason backed that’ll go for your target will be the ideal way to boost your sales and enhance your SEM campaigns this Mother’s Day. 


Some data for you to decide your audience:

  • 34% of retail searches related to Mother’s Day are made by those aged 35-49.
  • Only 65% of Female accounts for Mother’s Day searches on Bing. 
Bing Ads Editor


4. Remarketing Your top priority. 

Only Search is not the Channel that’ll drive you major traffic for Mother’s Day.

 Adding onto this, it's not only the First time visitor you should consider on. Maybe they are just looking for better options in terms of pricing, and other features and comparing your product to your competition. 


In nutshell, don’t miss the audience you already have on your list “Remarketing audience segment.”


  • As your previous site visitors continue their path to purchase, ensure that you remain a part of their conversation be it any time, by applying smart remarketing audiences to your search campaigns. 
  • Win their loyalty, and make them feel the most valuable part of your brand. Give them special offers and get creative with your ads. 


5. Devices

Computers, tablets, and smartphones – what and which? 

We get you completely. 

But the mobile is important. And not just for the last-click conversion. It’s no longer news that smartphones and tablets are an integral part of the path to purchase. 


45% of Bing searches on Mother’s Day are done on smartphones. 

Better yet, the performance speaks for itself. 
Those smartphone Mother’s Day searches have a significantly lower CPC and higher CTR. 


6. Be on Top of Product Feeds

Wherever you stand across the marketing funnel, any busy holiday shopping is a clear-cut reason to make sure that your product feeds are updated frequently. 


Set up your feed on live URL so that whenever the feed updates, be it your Google or Bing merchant center accounts are also updated. 


Stay in tune with the price changes for staying on top of your competition. 


7. Relevant Ad Copy

Are you using the existing ad copy for this Mother’s Day campaign?

Well, let’s make it relevant because the time is not the same and trends are changing therefore relevant ad copy can help you make the customer experience the best one like ever before. 

Relevant ad copy will mean with the latest pricing, and trending creatives with an intent of better CTR and conversions in return. 


Pro tip: Dig deeper and recognize the trends within your target audience. There should be no shortcut to understanding your targeted audiences and their behavior and characteristics and blending your marketing campaigns with them. 

For e.g., the millennial moms honestly agree that being a mom is a challenging life and they readily share their stories with hashtags like #momfailatimes. 

Leverage your ad copies with this intent and match honesty for bringing authenticity to your ads and marketing strategy. 


Make this Mother’s Day a Special One!

There you have it. We highly recommend you make the best use of the tips we have shared. Mother’s Day will be the best day to make more Sales through SEM campaigns and get your audiences hooked because Father’s Day is next in line.

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