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This guide will help you to identify your ideal audience and draft a social ad campaign that aligns with your marketing objectives to help you skyrocket your performance, no matter wherever you stand today.

It often gets daunting to create a social media strategy that works in your favour. Social media as it evolves is saturating too for many industries. 

As an expert marketing agency, we often get asked if we could fix existing campaigns to improve ROI. 

But before we dive in to look for ROI why don't we re-strategies and revise our overall strategy? 

Simply jumping into advertising on social media is not enough. We can help you plan and work smartly to make your efforts finally work for you. 

Sometimes, just focusing on social advertising with a pool of audience you thought was enough with the right creative might be a fifty-fifty possibility to work. 

Collecting rightful data is very important before creating ads and perfecting your ads. 

The basic elements to set:

  • Understand the landscape of social media advertising.
  • Understand your audience and how they relate to each social platform. 

Once you understand the social media landscape and identify your target audience, you can create a strategy for your social media efforts to skyrocket.

It goes with realistic goals that complement your SEO efforts too.

STEP 1. Know your Social Landscape 

Start with where your audience resides and back it up by expanding your alignment to other platforms, so you maximize your reach and improve your presence. 

For example. if you know your target audience is on Instagram, then start from there but then expand your horizons to test, you would like to consider Facebook adding to your list because of its quantity base of users and maybe more research can be done to refine your target audience. 

Step 2. Craft a Social media campaign 

Facebook has become a saturated market comparatively and now you have better options to reach a better mass. 

Similarly, you don't just want to assume your audience isn't on Facebook because you think your target audience is younger. 

The best part is that each platform provides detailed audience insights for you to match your ideal audience with minimum money investment. 

  Focus on these sections to master over your Paid Social Ad

   Know your audience - Dig into Analytics

It has to be Google Analytics 4. The audience section within Google Analytics is great to start with since it has valuable insights that'll help to create a valuable strategy. 

You'll be able to see the users' live interaction with your website, drawing a sequential pattern but importantly what contributes to the conversions. 

Go where your audience resides.

Build your social media account first and know how people are reacting and talking about you. You'll get a lot of surprises out there. 

Know your competition better.

Identify your competition where they reside on social media and how they react to products/services. 

It's a good start by observing them and creating a strategy accordingly.

Step 3: Segment your Audience 

 It's essential to realize that while you may be an audience type in terms of demographics, that audience can further be segmented to where they reside across the funnel. 

You can usually segment your audiences into three parameters:

  •  Who never heard of your brand
  • Who has engaged with your brand in past(read your blog, reacted to our post on social media etc.)
  • Who is actively looking to purchase your product? 

Step 4: Create a Personalised Experience for Your Audiences

You should start by matching your engagement with your audience on two or three platforms and expect to produce different ad creatives based on your audience personas. 

Advertise on each platform to see what works where =, most effectively. At least start by testing on two platforms and move to more. Since, each platform has its unique characteristics, consider keeping the same look and feel for consistency. 

Keep refining your ads and creatives to get an instant catch of your target audience, and so they know that you are intuned with the latest trends in the market which will help you to create a brand impression in the market and stand out as compared to your competition. 

Broaden your strategy, remember marketing is all about experimentation. keep refining your ads and expanding your objectives so that they align with the market trends and serve the audiences in the best possible manner. 

Key takeaway!

This guide was written with the objective of helping you to focus your marketing strategies for social advertising. So, you can set your ads successfully because you get different campaign types on social marketing platforms.

Bonus Tip: When setting up your campaign, then just don't stick to one type, create at least (Prospecting, Remarketing, and Retargeting) to ensure you to engage with your audience at the right time along with their journey. 


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