Revolutionize Your Search Strategy with DSA

Dynamic search ads (DSAs) can do wonders for you. Enough of creating keyword lists you can cut down half of your time doing all that stuff. Yes, the Website URL and a few Descriptions (which will give an idea about your product/service to Google's algorithm) are good to fly!

Get the "who would have thought" traffic in minutes. 

If you are struggling with conversions and planning to give up on SEM, there's more waiting. 

DSA will help you to fill the gaps which can't be seen usually. 

Please understand tapping the users' behavior is very crucial and very important, hence DSA will help you tap on the searches beyond the Search terms and your Keywords. 

How DSA works

DSA will use your website content to target your ads and will help you to fill the gaps between your targeted keywords and audience searches based on your DSA campaign. 

DSA headlines and landing pages are generated using content from your website, which will keep your ads relevant as per the real-time searches.

Without DSA, even your well-managed Google Ads accounts with many keywords can miss relevant searches. 

Read further on how Dynamic Search Ads and can help you get conversions. 

  • Save your time! No more searching the relevant keywords, and bids and adding text to each product on your website. 

Dynamic Search Ads will help you in doing all this that too automatedly. 

  •  Show what fits best. When a customer's search matches your product or service, Google Ads will automatically generate an Ad with a clear headline for the relevant page on your website. 


  • Get complete control. You can now show ads based on what you want to show. Whether it’s a specific page or your entire site, show what works best for you and what they need. 


  • Capture beyond limits. Dynamic Search Ads can help you gain additional traffic and grab new opportunities that you haven't noticed yet.


  •  No more creating URLs. No need to enter your display URL when creating a new ad. Google ads will use your domain from the final URL and show it your ad's display URL. For eg. at, the URL on your ad will appear as

How will DSA help you Serve well?

DSA uses content from the landing pages on your website to target the ads to searches. You can choose from a variety of targeting options like - 

  1. Landing pages from your standard ad groups. The Landing pages from your standard ad groups category will include all the web pages that you're currently running in your search ads against, in your account. 

This targeting option will make it easy to increase traffic on the web pages that you're already using as landing pages in existing ad groups and campaigns.


2. URL targeting

It works in 3 parameters. 

  • URL Equals - You can target specific URLs.

 For eg. In case you want to drive more traffic to the "Clearance" page on your website, so you will target the specific URL for that page. Also, this will be a great option for you to even exclude specific pages from your site. 

  • URL Contains - You can target pages with URLs that contain a certain kind of text, called a token. For eg. - You want to target all the services-related pages of your electronics website based on the URL that appears when you navigate the site. If all those follow a similar pattern, like, you should target every site that contains "services". 
  • Custom label - You can use a page feed to create a list of URLs that you would like to target, and attach custom labels to your URLs to organize them. Custom label targets will help you to target and exclude the subsets of your page feed. 

3. Categories. Google Ads-generate a set of landing pages from your website, organized by theme. You have full control over which page to be set and target, how you can group similar pages and more. If you want to use DSAs quickly, the landing pages from your standard ad groups, then target all web pages that you are currently running search ads against in your account. 

Please note: Categories such as "landing pages from your standard ad groups are available only for domains for which Google Ads can generate categories. 

Page feed: You can target the most important URLs for a focused targeting, you just need to upload a spreadsheet. You can target your entire feed or parts of it. For example. You can label pages about "bestsellers" or "cheap hotels" and target URLs with those labels for a better understanding and brief about what works best. 

Do I need to add headlines to DSAs?

No, Dynamic Search Ads headlines are dynamically generated headlines that target relevant searches based on the user's search and the text which is most relevant to your landing page. 

Google web crawler will crawl through your submitted page, website or product feed and find the text that can be used for headlines relevant to the page content, which will drive more searches to your page. 

Tip: In order to enhance the effectiveness of your Dynamic Search Ads headlines, you can adjust your headlines and titles by maintaining the character limit of your title as 60 and headlines as 90 on your website. 


Dynamic Search ads will work best for you in case you are struggling to get good conversions and trying to figure out your user’s interaction with your page. It will help you optimize your page to the fullest and gain you maximum conversions. A lot of time will be saved for you and your team by not limiting the targeted keywords. And will help you stay relevant to your audiences’ searches. It’s now time to discover the capabilities of this Search Ad type and experience good results in return. 








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